Buy 12-14 inch android tablet as office computer, replace windows with android.

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Feb 10, 2019, 10:27:08 PM via Website

Dear fora.
I finally realized it is time to ditch windows for android. It is today difficult finding a android phone with less than double computer performance of a win laptop, it is also clear windows seems to have given up development. Since android 8 multi windows capacity is standard and there is apps increasing android multitasking. Given the extreme boot times and hazzle with windows computers it is pointless beating a dead horse. Once I reached this epiphany Im confused as Im having difficulties finding android tablets larger than 10", ideally Im looking for 12-14" android tablet with 3-4gb ram (office applications). Available larger screen tablets is dedicated to windows, some with android option, I want other way around, mainly android with windows as option.

Is it me bad finding products or is 12-14" android tablet 3-4gb ram non existing ?

Off course I can hook up my phone to a tv but when travelling I need to bring a display and why not have this display to run android ?

Any tips appreciated.

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Feb 13, 2019, 11:13:12 AM via Website

Thank you for reply.
I have only tested the chrome os on my slaptop in dualboot but found the chrome os extremely limited, for example if no internet access no possibility creating new dox in google dox. I have not found info if android apps such as wps office is compatible with chrome os(or the openoffice clone from japan which works very well). If choosing between chrome os or a linux dist such as xubuntu, slax, pups, tcl or whatever linux dist a linux is lot more useful than a os limited from start and based on outdated linux kernels. As the chromebooks is stuck in 3-4 year old hardware design I still have not gained the switch to market leading technology and app-world Im looking for, and why drag around a slaptop when I have double computing performance in my innerpocket. If avoiding google play there is tons of useful android apps around. I have to my disappointment often found myself cluttering with pen and paper when trying to think so my hope is to include a small fastbooting tablet between the papers, with fastbooting android I may remember to clutter on the tablet instead of paper and saving my clutter to sd-card direct instead of feeding unreadable papers to the wind, some handwriting recognition software is quite capable when Im calibrated and I just love speech recognition. My theory contains lots of weakspots but I sure would like to try as long as my brain still is reconfigurable, in worst case I may have bought a expensive 12 inch frisbee..(naah, my idea is to use the tablet as external display to my phone when it is outdated).

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Aug 25, 2019, 12:46:16 PM via Website

Android is sadly not ready to take the place windows or linux for certain things. It really depends on what to achieve.

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Aug 26, 2019, 11:34:05 AM via Website

Dear Marco.
Yes, you are perfectly right android is limited in functions. Allthough 99,99% of my computer usage is web browsing, looking for gadgets and emailing which android is capable of. The other 0.01 % is editing videos posted onto youtube for which I am willing booting up a win10 pc for executing. What Im looking for is a quick booting splash top with limited functions to avoid software rot (software rot = no softwares has been improved since windows xp for the average user as most users are using win 10 for exact same purposes as win xp 15 years ago allthough win10 sets with quadruple requirements on hardware to no value for the user, looking to average user purposes no softwares has improved, only embroiled over latest 15 years ).