How to make a rotating menu on Android Studio?

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Jan 23, 2019, 10:04:26 PM via Website

I am trying to code a rotating menu for a children's app. The idea is to allow kids to change between different scenarios, each containing different animals.

The animals are represented on a round surface and, as the kids swipe right or left, the globe rotates with old animals fading out and new ones fading in (something like this: ht tps://imgur. com/a/JvusFCu).

The result I'm trying to reach is similar to the iOS iCarousel wheel effect (ht tps://imgur. com/a/53jK6Ls).

Toxic Bakery's ViewPagerTransforms library (ht tps://github. com/ToxicBakery/ViewPagerTransforms) has an effect called Rotate Down that is very similar, but I haven't been able to adjust it to my needs. The pages roll in on their own instead of rotating on a common axis.

I've also tried the CursorWheelLayout (ht tps://github. com/BCsl/CursorWheelLayout), but there are many performance issues due to the images, making the app crash.

My most recent attempt has been the SpinMenu (ht tps://github. com/Hitomis/SpinMenu), which is great. The fragments do rotate around a common axis, but only while zoomed out. I haven't figured out a way of making it change pages (as a ViewPager would) with the fragments rotating in and out of view.

Any suggestions on what to do to reach the desired result?


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