Prisoner Vs Police: Prison Escape Plan

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Jan 16, 2019, 7:02:28 AM via Website

Launch your escape plan step by step in Prisoner Vs Jail Police Escape Plan!

Escape from city jail with the help of cell key which comes from corrupt police officer. Make a great escape plan against the harsh cops along with friend in this prisoner Vs police: prison escape plan survival. Fight with jail officers and get key to unlock your friend from prison cell. Beware from security officer and move like shadow in jail.

This police catch prison simulator is thrilling game with interesting gameplay where you play as jail police officer as well as prisoner. There are two story mode in the entertaining game. If you play as prisoner then make to good escape plan strategy with your friend.
Unlock the security laser lock and enter in the tunnel with the help of you sneaking skills.

Escape from your cell and enter in the friend jail cell with the help of tunnel which join the both jail cell while playing prisoner Vs police: prison escape plan game. Hide from police officer and select right tunnel to escape from the city jail with your friend. Sit in the car which is waiting outside the jail in the grand city and escape from the city jail.

Play as police officer and catch the prisoners who are trying to escape from the jail with the help of tunnel or city sewerage. Check the security cameras and trace them with the help of your police training techniques. Enter in the tunnel in search of prisoners and catch them before they escape from the city jail. Thrilling missions are ready to entertain the user in prison escape jail break simulator.

Key Features:

• Play as Prisoner as well as Police officer in jail
• Two different thrilling mode are ready to entertain
• Challenging escape missions along with partners
• Escape through the tunnel with friend
• Catch the prisoners before they escape to jail