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Snaptube is the best youtube video downloader for your Android Device. It is the fastest youtube downloader app since 2014. You can download youtube videos easily by using snaptube downloader. Snap tube can also download videos from many other sites like – Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Ustream,, Vuclip, Twitter, etc.
Snaptube has a clear interface with best user-friendly options. You can find direct access to YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and other popular video sites in the app startpage. There are two TABs named as Popular TAB and Category TAB in the startpage. Popular TAB contains the most trending videos of the day. In Category tab, you can find total 11 categories such as- Music, Games, Entertainment, Movies, etc. Each section is containing different types of video collection related to its name.
Downloading video using snaptube downloader is too easy. Search any video by its name in the search bar locating on the top of the app startpage. You can also write any URL on that bar, to surf and download videos. To download any videos, search the video and click on it. In the video page, you will see a red down arrow ( ⇓ Download Button) and click on it. Select you desired formats with a resolution to download videos directly to your phone. Snap tube can download videos in different resolution such as- 144p to HD or QHD with different formats.

Besides, Snaptube app can download videos as MP3 (♫♫) directly to your phone. Like other apps, snaptube don’t need any other add-ons or app to convert videos to MP3. It is the most exclusive feature of snaptube which make it different from the other youtube video downloader or youtube video converter app.
Are You Looking For Snaptube App?
Snaptube downloader is not available in Google Play Store. There are many sources of snap tube apk. But most of them are fake! There are also many infected snap tube apks over the internet. Some of the apps include spams scripts inside, which can harm your mobile. Severe damages to the system or unusability of the device may occur.
So, always try to download snaptube downloader from any trusted site

Features Of SnapTube:
♦ A full freeware app with amazing features! You don’t have to pay a single buck for using snaptube to download youtube videos.
♦ Snaptube can download videos from YouTube to directly phone storage. Snaptube app supports 24 sites, such as- Facebook, Vid.Me, Vevo, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.
♦ Snaptube app can download videos directly into MP3 formats. We call it as the best youtube music downloader. No need of any extra extension/app like other similar apps. Such as- Tubmate
♦ Snap tube has a great user interface (UI) with lots of fantastic options. In the Snaptube apk latest version, there are lots of more newer functions!
♦ Snaptube app is the fastest youtube downloader online. Snaptube apk latest version brings out more speed with more efficient functions!
♦ Snaptube Downloader can be compared with a search engine. Like other youtube video downloader app, it can search videos from many sites alike youtube.
♦ In the download option of snap tube, you can find many video resolutions to download (even in HD, QHD, 2K or 4K). It also works as youtube video converter within different formats.
♦ Snaptube has a media player installed on it. So, you won’t need any extra/other playersinstalled to play the downloaded files. It is a great feature of snap tube apk.
♦ Snap tube can download videos also from different social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
♦ Being the fastest youtube downloader is another great feature of snap tube app. The maximum processing speed of Snaptube Downloader is one of the main reasons to download Snaptube.
♦ Snap tube can download videos in the background. Snaptube Downloader can download video/music in the background while other apps are running simultaneously.
♦ You can download multiple concurrent downloads at a time. Snaptube apk can process several downloads at once!
♦ Snaptube app supports resume downloading of any video! You can manipulate the process of downloading by your choice when to start or pause.
♦ Snap tube has Auto Update option, but you can also update snaptube app manually. Further, you can update snap tube by downloading snaptube apk latest version.
How to download videos from youtube by Snap Tube Apk?
Snaptube app is the best youtube downloader online for android. You can download youtube videos easily by using snaptube downloader. First of all, you will need to download snaptube apk from any trusted sites or official site. Then you have to install snap tube apk in your mobile. Finally, you can download videos from youtube by snaptube downloader. There are some simple ways to download youtube videos using snap tube.
How to Install and use Snaptube?
It is very easy to install snaptube youtube downloader HD video. After the installation, you can use snap tube apk for downloading videos from youtube or other sites. Youtube video downloader snaptube is a very light weight app. It brings fastest speed of downloading with a great UI.

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Sep 5, 2019, 2:20:07 PM via Website

[[Snaptube][1]][1] for Android is an open source, working as a powerful music & video downloader for people to access to the rich resources online. Snaptube has kept optimizing its functionality and improving itself to be more user-friendly these years, which now enables it to be one of the leading video downloader for Android devices.
Snaptube supports more than 50 hosting sites, which means that you can discover more online video and audio resources from different platforms within one app. In this way, users don't need to download several apps for grasping their favorite videos. Snaptube simplifies the process with its amazing compatibility.
As an attractive software, Snaptube is equipped with many highlighted features that make it outstanding:

  • Built-in search engine - users are able to search for online video resources directly with the browser inside Snaptube.
  • MP3 download function - people can directly convert and download their favorite online video/audio to MP3 format, saving the file for offline playback.
  • Playlist download service - Snaptube enables users to download contents from a whole playlist simultaneously instead of one-by-one.
  • Picture in picture mode - this mode provided by Snaptube allows users to watch YouTube video in a pop-up hanging windows, so you can do other tasks while streaming video online.

To install Snaptube on Android, you need to pay attention to that Android device would restrict users from installing apps outside Play Store. Therefore, people have to go to Settings and turn the Unknown sources on before installing Snaptube.

For people who are using iPhone or PC, it's a pity that Snaptube for iOS or Snaptube for PC is not released currently. But there is still a tricky way to use Snaptube App on PC - install a BlueStacks, which refers to an Android simulator, and add Snaptube for Android to BlueStacks for using.

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Jan 7, 2020, 3:27:26 AM via Website

Thanks for your sharing. I also have another method to download audios from YouTube. With the help of TunesKit Audio Capture, I am able to extract audio from YouTube and listen to audio from YouTube directly.

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Jan 7, 2020, 3:40:11 AM via Website

Very interesting ,thanks

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Mar 15, 2020, 4:42:07 AM via Website

I use Allavsoft to download videos from youutube, nstream, facebook, twitter,
dailymotion etc. Simply copy and paste the video url to Allavsoft and
click Download button. It has both Mac and Windows version. It also has the Record option.

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Jun 10, 2021, 1:50:13 PM via Website

Thank you for your kind sharing. Sometimes I would also use a desktop video recorder called Joyoshare VidiKit to save YouTube videos and songs.

As a matter of fact, Joyoshare VidiKit is more like a screen recorder than a video downloader, but the point is this video recorder helps me record and save any length of a YouTube video or audio. I can choose to save a specific part of a YouTube video or audio instead of the whole one converted by URL.

Joyoshare VidiKit also supports more output formats and editing features compared with many YouTube downloaders. I am glad to share it here as an alternative.