Android Pie Update (9.0)

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Dec 28, 2018, 12:23:14 AM via Website

Phone: One Plus 5t, Oxygen OS 9.0

1. Poweramp no longer pauses when answer or use phone. It work if audio focus setting set enabled 'short audio focus change', however I not want to pause songs during notifications/navigation. Only during call. Prior to OS update it work like this. (Song pauses during phone call, resumes after hang up). Is now a setting somewhere overriding I not seeing?

  1. Whatsapp notifications now highlight individuals name, not the group chat name, when receiving messages in a group chat. This makes seem like they are private personal message. Any way to restore the old notification style? Maybe there is in group chat someone I dont like, someone message in that group and I think it personal message. I reply and the other guy see I am ignoring him. Then is big problem.

  2. Recent apps tab very hard to use in this horizontal style. 1 page per screen not very practical. Is there a way restore vertical. I am of the use of Nova Launcher. I no see setting to change to back to vertical.

Thank so much for help. All very kind. Much love.

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