[HOT] Best Running App With New Interesting Feature for FREE

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Dec 13, 2018, 4:58:19 AM via Website

Running is a great sport that we should not ignore. It not only helps you keep your body fit, healthy and strong but also stays positive and energetic all day. If you love jogging and running, looking for a good fitness tracker, free running app, running tracker, then Run Mate is definitely what you're looking for with a lot of interesting features and beautiful friendly interface.
️⁉ What's New
Now you can customize this running app as the way you like by changing the color of the running tracker interface to your favorite one. This interesting feature is completely FREE, let's update the latest version to experience the difference and get great motivation to train harder everyday 💪💪💪. FREE Download here

Run Mate is a free running app - best app for runner, which helps your workout become more effective, boost energy and burn more calories. It's not only a run app, running calculator but also a distance tracker free and jogger tracker that helps you track your workout even when the screen is locked or you don’t hold your phone

If you love walking, running, health training, and looking for a free running app, running tracker that helps you track the effectiveness of your workout, you should not miss this run app . You can not only use fitness tracker to track the distance while running but also cycling, walking, jogging etc. Detailed information such as time, calories burned, etc running tracker data will be saved and displayed in a timeline to follow easily. You can see how your training progresses, your change over time with free running app to have motivation to try harder.

⚡️ No locked feature: Features in the running tracker are absolutely FREE. You can easily use free running app without paying any fee
⚡️ Friendly, eye catching, and easy to use free running app interface
⚡️ Intelligent fitness tracker measurement timeline: Show the results of your training in a scientific way daily, monthly, and yearly
⚡️ Run app record your workout in detail: analyzes the whole training (time, speed, distance, calorie burned)
⚡️ Share the results in free running app fast and easily on social network
⚡️ Optional pause or end button to stop running calculator, running tracker, distance calculator, distance tracker

🌟Running helps improve health condition, keep your body fit, healthy and strong
🌟Prevent dangerous health problems such as cancer, stroke, etc
🌟Battle obesity, reduce stress, drop the pressure, curb diabetes, better sleep
🌟Boost your memory, improve immune systems, stay positive and energetic all day

Run Mate - free running app, running tracker will always stay by your side while training to track distance and track calories throughout the process whether in the bag, on the hand or you lock your screen