Mobile App Development in React Native or PWA?

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Nov 25, 2018, 3:16:18 PM via Website

I need the thoughts of you mobile app experts on the selection of technology to grow mobile apps at a growing e-commerce startup. I am leading their mobile app development in React Native Technology. But, in recent months, one of our team worked with PWC for a side project and found it effective on mobile devices. Google is also promoting PWA a lot. Moreover, there is a huge buzz on the web around it.

Now, for our main mobile app which is react native, so we are thinking that instead of putting efforts on building RN code for mobile apps further, better we enable out desktop app with PWA. And, launch our mobile apps by repackaging our PWA enabled website.

But, we are quite unsure that will it be a right approach to take mobile app development forward? Is there any possibility where we can stuck in future? Will there be any limitation in keeping our mobile app users active? or any other potential possibility which can affect our business at mobile apps part in future?

Please share your views and thoughts to help us in making a better decision.

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Feb 15, 2019, 11:39:58 AM via Website

Limitations of Progressive Web Apps compared to native Android apps:

  • Lack of access to calendar, contacts, and browser bookmarks; Alarms;
  • Restricted access to hardware features (e.g. flashlight);
  • Restrictions in telephony features (e.g. calls, SMS);
  • No control over task management and system settings modifications.

Limitations of Progressive Web Apps compared to native iOS apps

  • App's offline data storage can't exceed 50 Mb;
  • iOS automatically cleans cache if the app isn't used for several weeks;
  • No access to Touch ID, Face ID, ARKit, Bluetooth, Beacons, and battery information;
  • Absence of push notifications and integration with Siri;
  • No access to many services from Apple (e.g. In-App Payments).
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Dec 21, 2020, 12:06:14 PM via Website

I don't think Mobile App Development Business will go down in future as the technology is getting advance day by day, you just need to be updated with the latest trends and you will succeed for sure.

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Jan 7, 2021, 9:55:40 AM via Website

Both mobile app development platform has their own pros & cons. Progressive web apps (PWA) offer an alternative approach, improving an app's cross-platform performance across web and mobile. Compared to native apps, they use up much less storage space on a user's device. PWA users also have the option to save the app to their home screen without the hassle of a full download.