Charging problems

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Nov 22, 2018, 9:54:48 AM via Website

Hi, l have a samsung galaxy tab A6 , a lot of the times whilst charging the battery symble will show 84% charged and go no further, l have to remove the charge cable several times and leave the tablet and sometimes not always the tab will charge to 100% . Is this a common fault or is my tab the exception. Any help would be appreciated thanks

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Nov 22, 2018, 11:26:50 AM via Website

Sounds like you have a hardware problem!
Could be your charger or just your plug
Or even your charging port!
Dose your device heat up when this happens?
Do you make sure the connections are firmly plugged in?
I have never heard of this kind of problem before!
Suggestion, buy a new charger and try it ,
See if the problem remains! If it dose take the charger back for a refund!
I'm thinking that maybe you should take the tablet back to the store where you purchased it and have them check it out.
Could be a manufacturer defect!

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