[Game][Testing] Fast Raider: Tap and Fly - help test and give advice

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Nov 14, 2018, 9:30:56 PM via Website

Hello everyone, this is my first android game, please adequately evaluate and give advice for development in the field of development for android.


Game you can find on play market(if you interesting), I can't post link here :C

A bit of my story

From the very beginning, as soon as I started programming, I had a dream to create a mega-cool and popular game, and now at the last year of university at the end of the summer holidays, I decided to create the first simple game, of course, with the suspended ambitions of the game

In the process of creating the game, I realized many of my mistakes, the most basic, but not to say a mistake, was a poor understanding of the scale and development process, which eventually led to almost twice the development time. The difficulties of developing at least some more or less complex project are quite large. One of the mistakes was the choice of an unfamiliar Java language and the cross-platform engine LibGdx. All the training of these technologies was in the process of developing the game, and that ultimately led to a number of not very good software solutions that are difficult to fix at the end of development. So it is very important to understand the initial architecture of the application and the main technologies for its implementation. It was also a big mistake to start developing a game with the start of a new academic year at the university, since I was still working at the main job, the development time was catastrophically short and sometimes the whole project just waited for a free minute to develop. Another difficulty that I didn’t suspect was the enormous difficulty of searching for free textures, music, music and other materials, which took up to 40% of the time (to finish drawing, to cut the extra in Paint.NET). But the biggest mistake I made was to start developing the game without a clear view of the gameplay and the process of the game, which ultimately led to a rather boring and useless gameplay.

But in the whole bunch of bad moments there is a good one, for example, the invaluable experience that came with the development of this game, an understanding of the scale, the main problems and the importance of systematizing the assignment of tasks, the correct making of priorities and timing. In the end, I got a lot of experience and I’ll understand that the next games will be much more interesting and better

Thank you very much for your time and attention

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