[APP][FREE][6.0+] Smart Gallery | Automatic Scene Tagging ("Nature", "Party" etc') | Automatic Video generation

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Oct 16, 2018, 9:45:38 PM via Website

Hi Guys!

I've developed a new FREE app for the COMMUNITY called "Peacock Smart Gallery".

The app can help you get some order in your photos, access photos that were long long forgotten, and create really cool videos.

there are 4 categories:

  • Tags - Automatic generated Scene Tagging (For example: "Nature", "Sea", "Resturant" etc')

  • Automatic Albums - Events albums that are generated automatically (For example - when you were on a trip)

  • Date - According to the date the pictures were taken

  • Location - According to the location the pictures were taken (Only for pictures containing location data).

The app DOES NOT require internet connection! Everything is done OFFLINE:

The app is running a Neural-Network to identify your images, All is being done on YOUR Device.

The app also uses a Heat-Map to automatically generate albums.

With the app you can generate automatic videos, with a single click

Additional information:

Size - The app is 60MB because it contains the Model file for the Neural Network (Everything is done offline)

Power-Saving: If the app detects that it has drained too much of the battery, it will stop.



I would appreciate some feedback! :-)