Question regarding WhatsApp storage and backups

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Sep 27, 2018, 6:28:56 PM via Website

Hello, ive got a weird situation with whatsapp... Back in january i transferred all of my whatsapp photos to my sd card for a lack of space, and after awhile i moved the photos back to the media folder. Ever since then all the photos that i see, if i order by time in gallery, from january specificaly - bang - pictures from 2014 apear in an ascending order and only the laaaast ones are from more recent.. its like its in reverse specificaly from that date i transferred and then transferred back

So that is one thing.. how do i aproach fixing that if its possible; what does it mean in terms of backing up to google drive and when will whatsapp optimize all this media thing and sd.. theres abit of a flaw there, its no problem if uve got 64gb minimum internal storage but ive got 16 lol galaxy s5

The other is that about 2 months ago ive lost my sd card with alllll the VIDEOS of whatsapp i received.. (moved the vids to sd also long time ago and stuck with it cause its heavy) Ive got a Physical backup from april of my whatsapp videos on my PC And the last time i backed up to google drive was at july So there are more videos there then on my pc backup.. then again everything will revert to July.. So how do i aprroach this? 😅 Feels like a room full of vague booby traps that i realy try hard to get more and more information on the background mechanics of it cause it seems i need to be extra careful at this point

I was wondering also what happens if i backup now for example without the physical content of my vids, will they all be deleted from the last backup?

Sorry for the offroad trips along the lines.. thanks in advance for the help.❤ Im quite troubled by this

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