Samsung Galaxy S6 — Water damage...need to rescue pics

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Sep 19, 2018, 4:44:39 PM via Website

Hi Guy's,

Long story short, i managed to get water in the phone on holiday, needless to say the phone didn't take kindly to that!

I have tried the usual stuff i.e. left it to dry out in rice for a few days (although im not convinced that actually does anything).

It did boot up for a bit eventually but the battery was on 2%, so i plugged it in to charge which to my amazement it did. However it got to about 25% and then within about second jumped up to 95%. Obviously my first thought is the battery is damaged as when you plug in a charger, all the phone does is boot loop (samsung galaxy

So i have replaced the battery....still the same. My next thought is the USB charge board as i thought it may not be able to let enough power through to hold charge on the battery, so replaced the USB board....still the same.

I cant get it to boot into safe or download mode as it just boot loops.

What can i try next? or is it now beyond saving?

Appreciate your replies and any advise.


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Sep 19, 2018, 11:28:41 PM via Website

You may still have some water in your device. Trust me the dried rice trick really works! If done properly.
Hears what I did after dropping my old phone into the lake. (Oops)
Remove the back. Remove the battery.
Look for any drops of water and very carefully dry them with a cotton swab.
Put about a half cup of uncooked rice in a plastic bag . With the back of your phone still removed place your phone face down on top of the rice. Then seal the bag so no more moisture can enter your device. Leave it over night. Or longer if you can.
When you remove you phone from the bag take a cotton swab moisten with rubbing alcohol and gently clean the battery contacts in your phone as well as the contacts on the battery itself.
You may not be able to see It, but the water may have left a slight bit of corrosion on the contacts.
I did these steps and my phone worked just like new!
Let me know how it worked for you!

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Sep 20, 2018, 9:24:42 AM via Website

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Well as this happened about 3 weeks ago and i put it in rice straight away, im positive there is no water left in the device.

I used a heat gun to remove the back which would have dried out any excess water.

As i work with electronics and semiconductors i know what water corrosion looks like and was able to clean any off with IPA. I also looked for any damage to chips and SMD's

I think it maybe in issue with the chip that holds the system files, i.e. bootloader etc...

I need to try and find out where this chip is housed...

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Sep 20, 2018, 11:38:28 PM via Website

Now I understand exactly what is wrong with your s6.
You used a heat gun to soften the adhesive that holds the back on your phone.
You shouldn't have done that!
The adhesive they used to seal the back of your phone is more heat resistant than the electrical connections in your phone!
Appling that much heat to your device will break circuit and melt some of the softer plastic inside the phone.
In other words Lewis you just fried your phone beyond repair!
Now you may think I'm wrong, but I have worked in a cabinet shop for the last 20 years. I am well versed in all types of adhesives, and I use those heat guns all the time. I know how hot they get.
Just one more thing, applying that much heat to your phone could have exploded your battery. And your darn LUCKY it didn't!
I wouldn't waste any more time trying to fix that phone, just go buy a new one!

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Mar 20, 2019, 9:24:09 AM via Website

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