How To Install Youtube Vanced Non-Root On Android

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Youtube is the world most popular video sharing website. But users always get disappointed with youtube due to some issues. Mainly, youtube displays ads when a video is watched. Users do not want this interruption and they hate this. But there was no effective solution for this matter until youtube vanced Apk was created. This is the modded version of official youtube application which provides a lot of features than the usual official application. The first step to create this modded version was kept by Master_T who is a senior contributor to XDA forums and it was named as iYTBP. But things changed at last and the project was taken by @Razerman @ZaneZam @Laura Almeida and @KevinX8 who are recognized as team Vanced and it is being developed by now.

Core Of The Youtube Vanced

The key idea of Youtube vanced Apk was based on an Xposed module for youtube video playback. The former developer of the iYTBP (Now Youtube Vanced ) get the all the features from the Xposed module and inject them into the original youtube app

YouTube Vanced Vs YouTube

Block all Ads
Override Maximal resolution
Background PlayBack
Toggle Themes
PiP -Picture in Picture Mode. This function only works for Oreo devices
Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
Swipe control for volume and brightness
New or old windows style
Preferred Speed and Resolution

YouTube vanced APK 13.12.60 System Requirements

YouTube vanced APK 13.12.60 is the latest version of Youtube vanced. This modded version can be installed on rooted, Non -rooted and magisk root devices. But the procedure varies device to device. In here Youtube Vanced non-root installation is discussed clearly. This version is compatible with Android devices up to Oreo.


YouTube vanced Non-Root
MicroG Apk

How to install YouTube Vanced Non-Root

If you wish to log in with your current Youtube account install MicroG APK
Download Youtube Vanced APK
Install Youtube Vanced APK as usual application

What Is MicroG

MicroG is an open source replacement for Google Play services. It is a very useful software for NO GAPPS users. MicroG was developed by a Member of XDA forums.

Known Youtube Vanced Bugs

Preferred Speed and Resolution are not working for playlists
Live chat, Share window and Accounts dialogue is not themed
ExoPlayer V2 may crash when return from background playback on some devices.

Note: uninstall YouTube updates and disable auto-update features in the Play Store before installing Youtube Vanced. The latest update of YouTube app will overwrite the system files of Vanced. Then you will not see the installation though it is completed.

Disclaimer: Since youtube vanced is not an official version of youtube. It is a modded application and installing it on the device is at your own risk and the response cannot be bore and there is no direct or circular bond to youtube vanced individually.

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