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Sep 12, 2018, 4:38:18 PM via Website

Hi, I have the option for the Lyft driver app to appear on top of other apps turned off and yet when the app becomes active with a new ride request the app still comes to the forefront. Lyft always evades answering me about this so I was wondering if this is any kind of Android violation and how I can report it, and if there is an app or something else I can do to keep the app in the background when I have it there. The problem is when Im waiting for a new ride request I will be online typing or scrolling on FB or something but then the app comes to the front very fast and I accidentally accept rides (by touching anywhere on the screen) I do not want to accept, like shared or people far away. As a driver if you cancel rides too much they "deactivate" (fire) you so canceling is not an option. Thanks for any insight!

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