Scale bitmap without losing resolution

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Sep 4, 2018, 4:12:32 PM via Website

Hello everyone, I'm developing an Android app to do image recognition using Tensorflow. I'm taking a cue from this project(can't link the project, if you're interested, search android yolo v2 on google, you'll see a github project). I'm having problems because I'm not using the Android camera but an external camera, specifically the camera of a DJI Mavic Air. So far I've taken the video stream of the camera and put it in a Textureview and then I took using the OnYuvDataReceived CallBack from which I can get the streaming of frames in Yuv. Now comes the problematic part: Tensorflow accepts only bitmaps that have size 416x416 for the recognition and the streaming of the DJI camera is 1080x720. Scaling the image to 416x416 becomes too flattened and the recognition is no longer real. So I wanted to know if there is a method to scale an image without losing too much resolution, at least to allow the recognition.

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