How Meeting Minutes (Meeting management & Action tracking) android app is useful?

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Aug 16, 2018, 3:35:26 PM via Website

How often the meetings become unproductive as the minutes are not shared on time Or, the action items, Issues, Risks etc are not documented and assigned. We also have the case where the owners are not even aware of these and they remember about them only during the next meeting again. What really happens ? We get project cost overrun, schedule overrun.

We can easily avoid these by easily documenting the minutes of meeting and improve the meeting efficiency by using "Meeting Minutes”application.

As all of us are moving with the all pervasive computing magic device called “mobile”, the flexibility to note the minutes as well as viewing the minutes have been brought on the application. But, at the same time, the data can be added in offline mode as well in case of limited connectivity and the meeting minutes will be synchronized automatically. The application helps to schedule meeting, create and manage meeting, take meeting notes and minutes, helps in risk management and tracking, helps in issue and action items management and tracking. The application automatically synchronizes the meetings with the device calendar and serves reminders of the meetings. Meeting Minutes application helps to auto-generate the minutes and can be shared among the attendee automatically. There is no need to type in in Excel or Word any further.

Meeting Minutes application allows the users
- to create and update meetings
- add the meetings for automatic reminders through calendars
- view the Upcoming and Past meetings.

Add the attendee and the application automatically sends email to the invited person.

Organizers can create Minutes of Meeting by
- adding agenda items
- Updating Notes
- Create and manage risks ( with probability, priority, mitigation plan, contingency plan and Found/Closure Dates)
- Create and manage issues
- Manage Action Items

Each Attendee can view the Meeting Minutes in a read-only mode.

Additionally each user can view the Action Items, Issues and Risks assigned to them from different meetings in a clustered way.

The application is free for use for 1 month beyond which users need to upgrade to Premium version at a nominal fee to enjoy the uninterrupted services.

Get the app on google playstore:

Meeting Minutes -by appsolzone

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