Not any sign of life on moto g 2 after full discharge

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Jul 9, 2018, 5:01:30 AM via Website

Hi! I have a second generation Motorola moto g 2 xt1068 (Titan) and It has been repaired by myself a few times but lately I really run out of ideas.

First of all this is case is more like a hobby to me so don't come with sending it to a specialist or buying I don't know what. I want to know what can I do.

The first problem it had was the power broken power button. I replaced it and soldered myself with a button i removed from another moto G2 motherboard. It worked nice for some time and the battery was fully drained sometimes, it would recharge normally after it and come back to life.

However last time it didn't turn on again after fully discharging so I removed the battery and measured on the voltmeter. It showed something about 2V. Then I plugged it directly on the charger and it shows 4.25 V now. Even so the phone still doesn't turn on, it doesn't vivrate, the indicator light on the front doesn't blink. I tried resoldering the power button, tried turning it on directly with a wire but nothing made that light blink or any sign of life so far.

So is this phone really dead ? Not what I want to hear... Does anyone know what else could I test? Maybe some other indirect way of checking if it's alive?

Thanks and regards.

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Jul 9, 2018, 5:29:15 AM via Website

I think, this time, your phone is dead. I'm sorry. RIP MG2. Hahahaha.
Verify if this problem is on motherboard. Maybe one of the tracks (I don't know if it's the right name) close to power button is broken and it needs to be repaired.

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