Just gone wrong.

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Jun 10, 2018, 5:57:43 AM via Website

Here's a new one.

My tablet ran down to 15% power, and the screen started flickering black, a little. In a couple of minutes it flickered a lot. Soon after that it went crazy. It started turning itself off and showing the battery charge screen. Turning it on again, it'll do one of three things: either load up to the point of showing me the lock screen, and then turn off again; load up to the point of showing the lock screen, then restart; or let me through to the lock screen or home page with a lot of flickering, barely any touch screen response, and then turn off again.

I saw the 'Downloading. Do not turn off target.' screen, but only briefly, and looking it up online didn't give me any help. I've tried pressing power + volume down to simulate a battery disconnect, power for 20+ seconds to drain the battery, power + volume down + home button to enter ODIN mode... Only the ODIN mode thing works, and then I'm at a dead end again with the 'do not turn off target' screen.

And it only does any of this when it's connected up to charge, even with 14-15% power. Otherwise, it's limp and dead.

Is it still salvageable, or is it fried?

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