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Jun 8, 2018, 12:59:25 PM via Website

Today, we are part of a 'relationship-centric' market, as opposed to a product-focused market like earlier. It’s imperative to network and create new relationships and nurture them for developing business effectively. CardInbox enables you to create lifelong relationships out of every business card exchange.

Is CardInbox for you?
If you use business cards in meetings and networking events - to exchange, save and use contact information, CardInbox will create growing value for you.

The Problem
You might often miss out on opportunities due to problems of business cards. Some familiar pain points might be;
Sharing cards at the right time - You forget to carry business cards, run out of them before a meeting or don’t anticipate to carry enough for everyone you might meet.
Mis-management of paper cards - You dump the cards you collect from meetings and networking events into a folder for later use because it’s time consuming to feed the information into your contact sheet.
Outdated Cards - Losing touch with important leads, not being able to get in touch when you want because of outdated information in your contact sheet.

Our solutions
Seamless business card management - The platform enables you to easily share your business cards anywhere, anytime. You can store & organize all your business cards on the cloud, digitize paper business cards, and instantly search through the entire stack of cards.

Effective information consumption - The information on business cards is made clickable for you to contact people using their phone, email or address, and the information can also be exported and integrated into business tools easily.

Enrichment of information - You can use CardInbox to update your card and announce to your network when any business information changes. You are also informed when someone changes jobs, email, phone number or location. Updated information helps create long term business relationships out of business card exchanges.

Exchange insights - Business cards are shared regularly and often randomly. Sharing digital business cards let’s you have insights of who you have shared you card with, when and where the exchange happened to have a stronger follow up.

Ease and peace of mind in organising and utilising business cards.
Always be prepared to share business cards in any setting and create more opportunities.
Change the way you interact with business cards and derive more value from them.

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