Samsung Stolen but can see activity via gmail

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May 22, 2018, 4:06:56 PM via Website

My house got robbed the other day. Amongst some of the things they stole, was a Samsung Tablet which is connected to my gmail. To my surprise and disappointment, the thieves started using the tablet and they connected it to Internet (via WiFi or sim, cant tell..I did not have a sim in it). Recent activity in gmail shows that the tablet sincyed few hours ago but
Find My Device "Can't reach deice" so it is least for now. Recent Activity shows Location: Only the country I live in, which is not sufficient, but very conveniently shows the PC I am using as the suspicious activity and even shows the IP. This is the disappointment. Now the good news....the idiots are using the Tablet to play the video games already installed on it and remain oblivious to the fact that their activity is tracked under My Activity. From there I can what games they are playing and the time but I can not see the location. How the hell is Google - that makes ALL ITS MONEY based on location and demographics - does not show that data especially for stolen device?

I need an advice as to what can I do now to track them. It all feels so close...I can see what activities they are doing I just do not have the location!

P.S. I do not care about the tablet...I care about the car they stole together with the tablet. So please, do not advice me to erase my details into the tablet and etc....I want to use the
tablet to track their location so I can get my car back.

P.S.S. not provide answers or solutions that depend on having done something prior to the robbery (like install something or activate something that is not activated by default). The only thing that was done prior to this is to link the tablet to a gmail account to allow access to the Google Play Store to download apps. There is no facebook or any other social media/location tools there..just games for my 3 year old son to play with.

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