Internet Browser Mini 4.5G Fast, Private & Light

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Apr 27, 2018, 4:51:58 AM via Website

nternet Browser Mini 4.5G - High Speed Internet - Speed 5G , 6G ,7G ,8G, 9G
Internet Browser Mini 4.5G is the best free high tech browser available for android. Its provide browser fast internet browsing , browser can both increase speed of browsing and browser download fast.

Internet Browser Mini 4.5G works even in low signal area where other browsers fails to load even the home page. So, discover a new level of speedy browsing with the latest browser technology and stop wasting your time and data with slow 2g and 3G networks.

Enjoy high quality and faster internet with Internet Browser Mini 4.5G available for both android phones and tablets. Faster internet browsing waits for you, be comfort to surf websites, stream music, watch movies, play games online...

Internet Browser Mini 4.5G is the best solution for internet connection hang-ups we all hate, thatnks to its cut to the edge browser network connection.

Just Download our Internet Browser Mini 4.5G and experience the fastest web browser you’ll ever get.

Internet Browser Mini 4.5G features :

  • Full screen mode with tabs
  • Bookmark your favorite sites on your browser.
  • Super fast
  • Auto-fill smart
  • Browse speed acceleration
  • Safe browsing mode protects your privacy
  • Faster browsing with faster page loads

  • fast browsing.

  • favorite search engines.
  • browser fast download
  • fast access.
  • supports full screen viewing.
  • tabs function.
  • beautiful user interface.
  • always updated with latest net browsing technology.
  • lightweight app.

  • 9G browser

  • 8G browser
  • 7G browser
  • 6G browser
  • 5G browser
  • 4G browser
  • social media 2018
  • social networks 2018
  • Super fast navigation speed
  • Tab Function
  • Your favorite sites available with one click
  • Constant and modern updates
  • Complete privacy

features :
1. It utilizes full internet speeds
2. It Loads fast
3. Easy to use
4. Bookmarks of the top websites in the world .i.e
Facebook - Social Network
Twitter - Social Network
Google - Web searches
Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia
Amazon - Biggest Online Market
BBC - World News

Download speed browser and start enjoying non stop speedy internet connection, don't bother yourself with other browsing apps promising a lot and giving nothing.

N.B : Internet Browser Mini 4.5G is in constant development and will in the future supports latest mobile networks such as :8G and 9G ... to get you the fastest internet connection and browsing experience.


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May 29, 2018, 4:24:52 PM via Website

unable to install on my mobile

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May 29, 2018, 4:29:24 PM via Website

is it work in new york ?

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