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Apr 16, 2018, 8:47:38 AM via Website

Smartphone zombies (smombies) are pedestrians so much focused on their smartphones or tablets while walking that they do not notice the obstacles and dangers around them.

Currently, this problem is a serious safety risk not only for smartphone zombies themself, but also for other pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

Pedestrians concentrated on their smartphones get into accidents with subsequent injuries threatening their health, and sometimes this even ends with the death of a pedestrian.

Description App

Assistant SZ is an application for smartphones and tablets using Android that recognizes obstacles to the movement of a pedestrian and warns him about them.

The Assistant SZ detects obstacles using the smartphone's rear camera only when the pedestrian is moving and their smartphone screen is turned on. In this case, the pedestrian can use any basic app they need at the moment.

This helper application recognizes pavement curbs, warning marks (yellow lines, luminous bands), lampposts, road signs as less dangerous obstacles.

At the same time Assistant SZ is able to identify the most serious dangers that can cause irreparable damage to the health of a pedestrian: crossings; train, metro and tram platforms; stairs.

The app warns about a hazard in several ways and has flexible settings: an icon in the taskbar notification area; vibration of the smartphone; sound notification; text message on the smartphone screen.

The best way to protect yourself against injuries and the threat to life is to lock the smartphone screen while walking. That is why the Assistant SZ application has got one more important function - screen lock while walking. It is the maximum pedestrian protection that can only be provided.

The application has also got the ability to display the image from the rear camera on top of the main working application in the form of a window. The window can be moved along the screen of the smartphone with a finger and its size can be changed in the settings. This function allows a pedestrian to recognize the dangers on their way and respond to them.

To detect interference and danger in the dark, the program provides automatic backlighting - the inclusion of the LED backlight camera. This function also helps in identifying obstacles and in daytime in poorly lit places. If necessary, the user can turn it off.

Main features

  • Compatibility with other apps – The application operates in the background mode without interfering with the main working applications.
  • Multilingual menu – The application’s menu is in different languages. At the moment we are trying to expand the number of languages.
  • Energy saving of the phone – The smartphone battery is consumed only while the pedestrian is moving and the screen of their smartphone is turned on.
  • Used phone camera – This application uses the rear camera of the smartphone to recognize the barriers of various danger level.
  • Flexible danger warning – The application has different ways of alerting you of the danger that the user can modify and customize for themselves.
  • Used by the LED phone – To detect hindrances and dangers in the dark the application provides automatic backlighting.


The Assistant SZ is not a complete solution to the Smartphone Zombies problems. And you cannot blindly rely on it when operating your smartphone while walking. It only helps with a certain probability to recognize the danger and warn you about it.

Despite the use of complex methods for obstacles and movement recognition, the Assistant SZ can give false warnings (on the pavement tiles) or fail to notify you at the moment of real danger.

The developers of the application are not responsible for any possible injuries or damages that users may incur as a result of using this application. By installing this application on your smartphone or tablet, you agree that only you are responsible for its use. You use this application at your own risk!

Download the app free version from Google Play by ID: com.smartphone_sombies.assistantsz.free

We will be grateful for any comments. Thank you!

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