[GAME][4.1+] Circuit Survival

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Mar 30, 2018, 8:28:23 PM via Website

Circuit Survival


Hello, I have made an android app and I would appreciate it if someone can take a look and give it a honest review. It's just a small game.
The ID is com.circuit.survival


You play as a circle that moves around a set out circuit, as the circle moves around the screen boxes will try to move onto the circuit and block your path. You must tap the screen to fire a laser to destroy these boxes and survive for the longest time possible.

As each box is destroyed, there is a chance of altering the game...

Negative effects:
15% chance enemy speed increases by 5%
15% chance enemy spawn rate increases by 5%
15% chance your speed increases by 5%
2% chance enemy health increases by 1

Positive effects:
2% chance laser damage increases by 1
15% chance laser fire rate increases by 5%
15% chance laser speed increases by 5%

You can aim to collect all achievements or to be on the leader board. The leader boards show the top 10 players with the highest score.

The score is determined by the time you stay moving on the circuit for.

Screen shots