My first few days with the Oreo update- All about the notification sounds.

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Ron Stahl
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Mar 28, 2018, 2:28:47 PM via Website

I finally received the new Oreo Update for my Samsung S8 and after a few days of use I'm very unhappy with the way the phone notifies me about different events. Although, many of the functions seem more streamlined I'm very unhappy with the new notification protocol now inherent in my phone.

I work in a place that does not always allow me to grab the phone and look whenever an event occurs, so the different notification sounds have become important in order for me to know if it's something I have to stop and look at immediately or it can wait a bit until I have the chance to grab the phone from my belt and check it.

Before, I could have different sounds for the default notifications and text messages and other various notifications from some of my other software such as my Nest and Canary home camera systems and my home alarm system and a few others that I really want different sounds for different events.

It seems Oreo has removed that ability. In fact, if I don't keep all of the sounds the same, nothing plays at all.

I've tried setting up custom sounds for different contacts and that doesn't work, I've tried changing the sounds within the programs such as Verizon's Message Plus and a few others, that prevents any sounds from playing at all. In fact in that program, unless I enable both the visual pop up notifications in both the status bar and over my lock screen, again, no sound at all.

In the phone settings there used to be options for the default notification sound and the messaging sounds but even that no longer exists. The only thing there now is 1 notification option and again, unless all of my sounds are set the same, nothing plays at all.

Any thoughts or recommendations from any of the Android Pit crew?