How do I recover from an "Update" on my MotoG?

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Jan 24, 2018, 8:24:55 PM via Website

I had my desk top all set then BOOM, the update changes things to some standard. It seems to happen with every update and that is why I keep the WiFi off. I rarely do anything with Wifi anyway.

My desktop is very simple to minimize accidental activations and to minimize confusion. The only thing I have is ONE folder and a background mage. Below that are three icons two of which are physically blocked out with cardboard taped in place and I see only the triangle pointing left.

All app icons are in a folder within that folder.

Now I have a line across the screen below the image and have two icons. My original and some (presidential vernacular) thing filled with app icons.

I recall being able to struggle through menus to get it back to my preferred set up but don't remember how I did it. Simply sliding, hold/sliding, anything from the desk top fails to do what I want.

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Jan 19, 2023, 9:45:38 AM via Website

To retrieve your data and settings, simply log in to your Google account on your new or reset device and your data and settings will be automatically restored. Make sure you have a Google account, and then choose Next to begin the backup.