Shamworld. Your reality.

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Nov 14, 2017, 6:36:30 PM via Website

Hello !
To change the world around you, to make it a better place—everybody dreams about that. This is why a new Shamworld app is now available on Google Play to let you create your version of the augmented reality at particular locations in just few taps! Now not pokemons decide where to appear but you make your ideas real in an augmented world.

How to work with this app

If you feel that this lovely courtyard nearby really lacks the magic of tenants and some sculptures that you chanced to be passing will really look good with a little twist, then now you can do it right on the spot via your smartphone with the installed Shamworld app. A little left to do—to open the app and wait until your location has been found on the map using Google Maps data. A cute green ant will mark your location. All you need to do is to choose an object you would like to see here and to superimpose it into the camera image. When saving your version of the reality for a particular place, you may also share it with all or some of your friends. They will see your work in the Recommended section and will be able to check it out via the app. Various objects can be selected. There are plenty of ready images and even animated GIFs available in this app! You may choose your image in Gallery or add your own photos, emojis and texts.

The opportunities for real creators are unlimited! Also, to understand how the app works, you can watch this video

Shamworld. Changing the reality

To make sure that the object has been tagged to a specific place, you need to choose an object that does not change its place, shape or color over time. That being said, it is unlikely that you can tag something to a backpack forgotten on a bench or to a cute cat sitting nearby. But it can be done easily with the bench itself. However, the tag might be lost if the bench gets changed or repainted one day but this happens not so often.

Shamworld and the world around you

When walking around the Shamworld map you must have already spotted yellow circles with numbers in it here and there. It indicates the number of objects placed by other app users. You may enjoy their arts and get some inspiration for new objects. There are several practical ways to use the Shamworld app. For example, when you go out of some cafe, you may leave your feedback right on its wall—without getting charged with vandalism. The cafe owner himself may place a creative ad in the app to make sure that no one misses it... 4-inch screen or above, RAM—at least 512 kB, camera—3MP or above, and Android 4.2 or above are required for app users. The better phone you have, the better it will all work for you. You may install the app by clicking

English version is available :


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