Sleep baby - white noise

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Sep 28, 2017, 11:11:17 AM via Website

White noise will help the baby to calm down and fall asleep more quickly.

When the baby is tired and wants to sleep, turn it on our app and the familiar home sounds of white noise will help to relax the child.
White noise is a repetitive, monotonous sound that lulls the child. Your baby and you should feel comfortable with such a noise background, by volume resembling the sound of the shower in the bathroom or the familiar rain noise outside the window.
If the baby is crying with fatigue, overexcitation or stress, white noise, especially when combined with jiggling, sucking and swaddling, is really capable of doing miracles.
Pleasant melodies and everyday sounds will help to relax, calm down and fall asleep!

Our application is free and does not require additional downloads and internet connection.

- clear and simple interface
- a set of tested sounds of white noise
- pleasant soporific melodies
- Sleep timer
- a free application has been made
- does not require additional downloads
- does not require connection to the Internet
- for FULL HD screens

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