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Jul 9, 2017, 12:48:56 AM via Website

Improve the quality of your fiction writing and get more stuff through the door with the best tips, tools, howto guides and inspirational prompts from the web.

Writing fiction can be a daunting and sometimes solitary activity, but hopefully, there is a strong and supportive community of fiction writers out there who "been there, done that", and are happy to share their experience with anyone with an Android device and any Internet connection.

Writer Guides intends to help you:

*Improve your writing process, with precise do's and dont's instructions, and clear howto guides

*Obtain that golden "first idea" that you can build upon, with plenty of actual writing prompts free to use, and also tips on how to develop a story once you've found something that clicks

*Learn editing strategies to polish your text from manuscript to final draft and take it to the finish line

*Get motivated to start; a collection of quotes by famous authors on writing will provide you the necessary "kick in the pants" in those moments when you find it hard to "get down to it"

*Learn about the book creation process, with a no-frills study, written by an editorial industry professional, that includes tips on matters like best way to present material, how publishing works...

No one can put the writing hours for you, but with this app you will always have the advice, the support and the tools you need to move on one more step; just keep writing!

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