Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — Water Damaged Phone

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May 1, 2017, 6:31:37 PM via Website

So I was video chatting with my mom and my 1year old took the phone. I stepped away to go check the food on the stove and before I knew it she was in the washroom, I met my phone in the toilet. I took it out immediately, it was still on, I could still hear my mom talk and then it shut off before I could turn it off. I took it apart and put it in a tight sealed bucket of rice. After 3 hrs, I took it out and dried it with a dryer a bit and put it back it the rice. After 12 hours of staying in the rice, it vibrated when I turned it on and the on light was on, but it screen didn't turn on. So i'm putting it back in for another 12hrs. Its a Samsung galaxy note 3

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May 1, 2017, 10:17:59 PM via Website

I hope you did all this with the battery removed. I have recovered my S3 and Note 4 by placing it in heat dried rice that is still warm but not to hot with the battery out and the cover off leave over onight. once it took three days to completely dry out. if you left the battery in it might be to late. With out power the phone can not short out. Heat the rice to about 200 degrees then let cool put phone in. repeat as necessary. Also a food dehydrator set at 130 does well too.

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