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Apr 25, 2017, 9:28:49 PM via Website

Hi everyone,

I created an app, which allows you to enter any kind of costs you have in your daily routine. Just enter the price and the product and finish! Every entries will be saved in a list and you have the possibility, to look on that list and have an overview about it. In addition you are able to save and print/share this "general map". :D

The app is a pre-alpha, but I need a few tester to find bugs and realise improvements. I hope someone finds the time for it :)

You can download the APK here: drive.google.com/open?id=0B4oPzro6iJO8ZEozY3BoVFROY1E

((danger)Installation on your own risk because you have to activate "unknown sources" in your device settings(danger))


+Choosing a language
+Choose a Date on which you want to count your costs
+Improved Design
+optimized "share" function

image image image

IMPORTANT: Only "€" is supported actually.
Sorry for that.

Im looking forward to your replies(*):)


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Apr 26, 2017, 7:33:01 PM via App

Not yet, sorry:( I will upload the app to the PlayStore for sure but actually I want to fix bugs and make improvements.
And I don't have a developer account yet because I have to spend my money for much other things. But in the future the App will be released in the PlayStore :) (cool)

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Apr 27, 2017, 4:56:38 AM via Website

Hello, Mausat !
First, I have to say the idea of your app is wonderful, and it is a convenient tool to plan your budget and save your money. However, there are many places that you should to improve later:

1. you have to realized the importance of ASO(app store optimization). Although you have not upload your app in app stores, you have to prepare enough budget and effort to avoid the risk. Because your app must be popularized by audiences so that get more installs in return, while the most effective method to achieve this goal is to do the ASO work rather than waiting for the audiences to find your app.

2. the risk of installation that you have to avoid. If the audiences find that there is a risk during the process of installing your app, they are likely to stop their behavior at once, which can affect the number of downloads of your app to a large extent.

3. localized your app. According to the situation that you have said, your app just be suit for "€", which means that you will lose many potential audiences that not use the "€". You have to translate the language of your app into different types to meet the need of users. What's more, the country that using English plays a major role all over the world.

According to the situation that you have not upload your app in app stores, I share some tips with you about the preparation before you upload your app:

  1. test your app time and again
  2. creating a landing page of your app
  3. find the targeted users of your app
  4. insure your apps' bug as little as possible
  5. make a preparation of uploading your app

Hope this will be useful to you! If you have any problem later, welcome to contact me!

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Apr 27, 2017, 9:47:18 AM via App

Hey April Liu,
First at all thank you very much for your post and your tips :)
But there are a few things I have to mention:
This is acutally NOT the publication of the app.The reason why I started this thread is that I need only a few voluntaries to find bugs and suggest improvements(you already did, thank you :)). If the App is in a stable version I will publish the App to the PlayStore for sure.
AND it is definetly planned to add more currencies than "€".But first I have to make sure that the app is running stable.After this I will add new functions that will make more positive aspects for downloaders.

But I will try to take your tips to my heart and to make these tips happend.

Thank you for your long and informative post and that you took the time to write:D:)

Looking forward to you

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