Dolphin hates cookies - what's better?

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Apr 13, 2017, 1:57:35 AM via Website

In the last few days I've noticed that I've had to sign in again to my regularly-visited sites... and again... and again... It seems like Dolphin browser has suddenly decided to clear cookies whenever it's closed down, despite the fact that I haven't turned that feature on in settings. Given that the most common way for it to close down is to crash whenever it's required to do something too arduous - like 'view a web page' - it's not really an option to just leave it on in the background.

What is going on? Why is it doing this? I'm using it on a Galaxy Note 10.1 with Android 5.1.1 - does that make a difference?

And what browser can I use that isn't Chrome? The others I've tried just seem to be utterly incapable at the one thing they have to do - browse the internet. I used Surfy for a while before Dolphin. It crashed a lot too, but at least it kept me signed in when I opened it again.

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