Top Android App Development Trends You Just Cannot Ignore in 2017

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2016 was one of the most influential years in the field of Android app development. From some changes in smartphone user trends to a significant increase in the number of smartphone users, there were some great technology additions in the Android application development process. A majority of smartphone users has shifted their focus to purpose-oriented apps and has started using apps more frequently. With this, the growth in digitization is also noted with the help of functional and secure Android apps.

The business sector has started tracking the functional aspect of android app development and using Android apps as an advanced business development tool instead of a mere business promotion platform. Many android application development companies are now developing apps that act as dedicated business development tools for lead management, lead tracking, client management, business management, business marketing, etc.
According to a research from Iowa State University, the total purchase of your Android App is interconnected and is proportional to the ongoing User Trends. Another study from the University hinted that the changes in the trends of Android app development are based on the user trends. This hint the interconnection between the success of your app and the trends in Android app development. So, here we bring you the top Android app development trends in 2017 that you need to discuss with your Android app making partner.
Top Android Application Development Trends in 2017 are –
1) Cloud Technology is What Users Want-
Owing to the fast and easy to deploy characteristics of cloud computing, it has come up as an essential addition in the Android app development process. The famous apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive are preferred by users for their extensive cloud storage capabilities and seamless sync properties. Various apps will be using the cloud technology in 2017 to give Android users a more desirable functionality.

2) Enterprise Android App is the Right Choice:
Businesses are now more focused towards productive business development strategies through better team coordination, thus hinting a requirement for functional enterprise apps. As we go according to the recent statistics, 43% of Android app developers earn more than $10,000 by enterprise app development as compared to the 19% app developers who have consumer-focused apps as their niche. The increasing trend for B2B interactions further hints the rise for Enterprise Android apps, which prove to be more productive for businesses as compared to various business-promotion apps.

3) Beacon Technology Has just Added-
The iBeacon technology has been adding a variety of perks to the iOS app industry for a long time now and Android has also followed the suit with the integration of Beacon technology in 2016. The Beacon technology with its location-based Wi-Fi functionality will help the retail sector in diminishing the boundaries between online and offline advertising. Beacon technology will be one of the important areas of concern with Android app development process in 2017.

4) In-App Purchase is Growing-
Businesses need to focus on in-app advertising and purchasing. As according to the newest figures, the revenue through in-app purchasing is expected to touch $9 billion in 2017. This figure itself hints the productivity of in-app purchasing through Android applications. You need to choose an appropriate Android app making company that could integrate interactive in-app advertisement modules for your business Android app in a non-obnoxious manner.

5) IoT is Gearing Up-
IoT, or the Internet of Things, has grown tremendously and today stands as a $19 Trillion industry. It is expected that the industry will be at its peak within 5 years and 2017 will be an important phase of its development. IoT-driven technology has already started influencing the Android app development process and there will be a great demand for IoT compatible apps by the end of 2017. So for an IoT compatible app, you need to choose a capable Android application development company. Home Automation System, Integrated Security Control System and Remote Healthcare Services are some areas where IoT compatible apps will give you a desirable lead.

The above trends of 2017 will surely help you to add a user-focussed approach to the Android app development process you follow.

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Thanks, really nice article :)

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Thanks for sharing! There are a few interesting trends for Android app development for 2020, such as Instant apps, Flutter, AI and Machine Learning, and others.