Dtek60 and att

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DL Montgomery
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Feb 22, 2017, 7:45:45 AM via Website

We had two Priv's here in the US, and always had HD as long as we were talking to att customer's (mobile or home service) which are in the tens of millions. Two weeks ago I bought two Dtek60's to replace the Priv's, and att says no go on HD voice with Dtek60's. So yeah it's a problem for us. Not a problem with the phone Hardware itself, just a problem for anyone who owns one, or two in the US on att, (pretty big market). The difference between SD and HD is major on these devices IMO.

Just weighing over everything with the 60, due to the 30 day return. 1. No HD voice. 2. problems with text msg not showing "read" in the hub since Feb update, 3. Blue tooth drops and sync issues with the cars all the time since Feb update, 4. not to mention there is not one screen protector that covers the screen without not protecting the 1/8" on the sides, VERY limited accessories for the 60 as well.

I know, I know.. It's not a BlackBerry, than why is their big logo on the back of the phone? Why is Blackberry selling the phone through DigitalRiver here in the US?

I have owned BlackBerry phones (9) since 2005 and I am more than a little concerned about their build quality, their inability to persuade accessory manufacturer's to make quality products for their phones, and the fact they can't get the big service provider's to carry their devices in the US.

So yes, every issue that the end user has with their devices is in deed a "problem" for that consumer that has spent thousands over the years on their products. The sad thing is, the reason I switched to Blackberry in 2005 was the fact that they bent over backwards to satisfy the end user. Not so much anymore.