Motorola Moto E — Can't do anything with my phone

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Dec 18, 2016, 7:43:38 AM via Website

I was messing around in the Settings and wanted to see what Text-To-Talk was all about. So I tapped it and it took me to a demo screen, and then it wouldn't let me out of it. I pressed the Home key, the Back Arrow key, and the Tabs key. It wouldn't budge. So I decided to reboot the phone, but something went wrong and it was put in Airplane Mode. When the phone powered up, I couldn't get off the lock screen. And the phone said No Service. I was going to power it off, and then reboot it in recovery mode. But it will not let me power off. And you can't remove the battery in this model phone. I tried connecting it to my pc and see if there was anything I could do that way. But nothing.
It is running kitkat 4.4.4 if that helps. Please help!