Missile Launcher US Army Drive Free Android Game

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Dec 13, 2016, 12:23:22 PM via Website

Join the army and drive US army Missile Launcher to bomb missiles on militants. Missile Launcher 3d Army Truck simulation is most realistic 3d Missile Oversimplification game based on real army tactics.

Download this game from Google Play store.... by Searching "Missile Launcher US Army Drive"

Buckle up seat belt and drive missile army truck in this 3d Missile Launcher US Army Truck driving simulation game. This epic Missile Launcher Army Truck 3d simulator is a top new FREE army truck driving launcher 3D simulation game. Position missile launcher and fire missiles on militants and terrorists. You have a missile launcher, launch this missile launcher and kaboom…!!! Enemies won’t be able to defend your missiles. You have an army scud launcher; you know how arma ops work in battlefield. Use your military tactics now.Drive the missile army truck launcher with extreme care, avoid crashes.Aim your rocket launchers towards enemy to destroy enemy base. Attack enemies with missiles. Missile attack will destroy enemy’s warships. This is modern army and you have army missile system, attack enemies, destroy them and become a commando. Two deadly army choppers are guarding your army missile truck war simulator.
Be brave in epic Missile Launcher US Army Drive 3D game. War is on…!!! Use your ballistics, skills and SSG training in battlefield.

Keep an eye on enemy movement. Become the ultimate fanatical army truck driver who is highly skilled in driving real heavy army truck launchers and military vehicles. You are a skilled commando and army missile launcher driver whose job is to drive the army missile truck launcher to deploy zones.Enemy have deployed troops along border and threatening army to wage the war.Be aware of air fighter jets and deadly gunship choppers at the base along country border.Your location should be kept in secret. No enemy should be able to find your location because this mission is very sensitive. Strike them in this critical situation.Be the ultimate army leader and commando for your nation and take xtreme aggressive steps to defend yourself from the enemy invasion. Defeat enemies in this epic war game. It’s not like a 4x4 jeep game, it’s a missile launcher 6x6 army truck so drive it with extreme care. Don’t let it crash in the mountains.
Destroy enemies with bomb, rocket launchers and missile launchers. Shaheen is epic army weapon. Use it to nuke enemies. Be a brave soldier in battlefield.

You have powerful missiles. Drive your Missile Launcher US Army Drive in 3d simulation game and attack enemies with bombs and missles. As militants and terrorists are hiding so you will use ballistic combat truck loaded with army missiles.Attack militants with missiles and kaboom…!!! Stealth and невидимки is your military tactic. You attack like a snake. No one sees you attacking. Army rocket launcher will destroy enemies. Attack like a snake and verme. Silent like limbo but still effective. Tactile militants and burn enemies into ashes. Attack the enemy with bombs, nukes and air jet bombers but be aware that enemies have deployed turret and warship to destroy you.

Missile Launcher US Army Truck Drive simulation game will provide you with ballistics, become a member of army and bomb militants with nuclear bombers. This combat will save your country from nukes.
Drive army truck on asphalt road and dodge incoming missle attacks. Drive missile launcher at the front lines and take out the enemy base with your launcher.

Most Realistic 3d army mountain base view.
Enemies air base view.
3D animations.
Realistic missile launcher controls.
Realistic army missile launcher simulation game.
Launcher with improved driving physics.
Real time missile launch and destruction animation.

So what are you waiting for…??? Become a brave Missile Launcher US Army Truck Driver and become a part of this epic war game.Download Missile Launcher Military Truck Driving game now…!!!

Download this game from Google Play store.... by Searching "Missile Launcher US Army Drive"

Muhammad Shoaib

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Dec 13, 2016, 12:47:17 PM via Website

Thanks.. if you like this game dont forget to download it from Google Play store.. Have a great day..

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Dec 13, 2016, 7:12:51 PM via Website

Nice work ... Make a creation of the game in your channel , So that every one can develop their their android skills

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Dec 14, 2016, 3:32:52 PM via Website

Is it native android api or something like libGDX ?

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