Samsung Galaxy Note 3 — How can I stop my Contacts being duplicated ?

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Dec 8, 2016, 10:42:24 PM via Website


How can I stop duplicates from appearing in my Contacts?

On my PC I have about 1100 contacts on my Outlook 2017 (on Win10) which is syncing via Exchange to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5.0) which is running:
- Outlook app
- Nine
- Viber
- WhatsApp
- Gmail
- Facebook
- Skype
- Meetup
- DejaCalendar
- Business Calendar

In my Contacts on my Note 3 some Contacts are duplicated between 3 and 9 times!
Even on Outlook on my PC many are duplicated at least twice.

On my Outlook on my PC I can manually delete any extra copies of individual contacts, but ultimately
I want to stop my Contacts on my phone (which is a Galaxy Note 3 [model: SM-N9005], running Android 5.0) from showing contacts that came from my other applications (e.g. WhatsApp etc)

Any thoughts?


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Dec 9, 2016, 1:30:50 PM via Website

OK, FINALLY, I just solved my own problem but doing this:
Go into Contacts ==> Menu button ==> Settings ==> Contacts ==> Contacts to Display ==>
Now choose just ONE of the applications (instead of all) - in my case I chose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (the square logo with gaps)

This solved 90% of my problems(!)

I still seem to get Contacts in Outlook duplicating themselves for no reason... but that's a smaller problem!


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Dec 15, 2016, 3:38:16 PM via Website


Total nightmare - all my duplicated Contacts are back!

It is clear that each entry is connected via a different app, but nothing I can do seems to stop the Contacts from being visible!

e.g. If I go to:
Contacts ==> (Bottom left menu button) ==> Settings ==> Contacts ==> Contacts to display
This shows a list of apps (e.g. WhatsApp, msExchange, Nine, Outlook etc) but no matter which one I select when I go back into the Contacts SEARCHING all copies of the contacts in each of the applications suddenly appear. [GRRR!]

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