GoodBye & Replace "Ok Google"

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Nov 26, 2016, 5:01:16 PM via Website

Hi together,

i would like to present you "Replace ok Google"


Application PlayStore :

With "Replace OK Google" ( Hotword ) you are able to replace your "OK-Google" command.

Create your own command from over 200.000 words and start the google (now) voice control


◉ Available command-words in different languages

English 133400 words
German 25100 words
French 10500 words
Italian : 9300 words
Spanish 23000 words

◉ Automatic activation after booting.
◉ Operates in the background (service)
◉ Automatic disabling while screen off, Lockscreen and PhoneCalls.
◉ Automatic Enabling on all apps or only on selected apps.

Notes :
Please use this test version before you install the full version.

Usage :
◉ Practice the pronunciation of your chosen command.
◉ Always talk in normal volume and fluently with distance to the microphone.
◉ If the command is not recognized immediately, repeat it with different pronunciation and voice.
◉ After your new command is detected you will directed to Google (Now) Voice Control.

◉ Permission for Audio-Record (Microphone).
◉ Detecting the Foreground- App to enable/disable the microphone.
◉ Access to internal storage to save dictionary.
◉ No further used accesses.

Technical Information :
Another keyword is a standalone speech synthesis based on pure Native-C code.
It does not use an online connection for voice detection. The number of the dictionary is continually expanded and is offered automatically and free of charge after completion of the Translation.

German description :

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Liebe Grüße - Stefan
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Nov 27, 2016, 10:04:59 PM via Website

I wanted to let you know that I tried the app. To start with, I like it and it did change my Google key word and the new key word opened Google with no problem. However, after setting it up on my Samsung Note 4 and testing it, I set the phone aside while surfing the internet on my laptop. The first thing that happened was that I cleared my throat and Google opened up. I closed Google and tried clearing my throat again and again, Google opened. Then I used my laptop to watch a couple of instructional videos on YouTube. While watching both videos, one by a male and one female, Google opened. The key word was not used and it was while speakers other than myself were talking.
Maybe I needed to adjust something in the settings, but I'm not sure what to adjust.


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Nov 27, 2016, 10:19:04 PM via Website

Hi Pat,

sorry for my english , i will try my best :-)

i know, that each hardware has different chips for AudioRecord. The original "Ok Google"-hotword is
implemented by each vendor - adjusted on the Hardware that is build in.

Within the setup of Another Keyword there are two sensitive sliders to adjust.
Try to play with both silders to find the right value for your hardware
Start with the "Response sensitive" .
Put it more to "min" ......

P.s try also with three words instead of two

if this does not work , pls let me know your selected words and the System-Version
i will reproduce it on a Note 4 , and "tune" inside the app.

Cheers Stefan

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Liebe Grüße - Stefan
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Dec 3, 2016, 12:57:42 AM via Website

Hi together

thank you very much to all Betatesters the last 8 days.

The final version is now available (Version 2.10)



◉ it is now possible to test also the google speechbox
◉ better recognition of your selected command
◉ "Tasker"-Start implemented
◉ Additional setup-functions

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Liebe Grüße - Stefan
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