hacked samsung galaxy s7 edge

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Nov 24, 2016, 5:21:20 AM via App

about a month ago my fiance got his phone stolen and that night while i was trying to track it down at home my phone starting acting wierd i then found out that my phone was being remotely hacked by the people who stole my fiances phone. they hacked into every type of internet source in our house. i was not able to get in contact with anybody for 3 days straight. couple nights went by and i noticed there was a clicking noise coming from my phone as if somebody were texting from my phone and once again they remotely accessed it. about a week and a half ago my phone was hacked again i dont necessarly know if it was the same person or not but i finally got it up after 2 nights of it being down. last week it got hacked again and i was without it for a few more days. i have 2 different malware detectors on it along with 3 antiviruses. i noticed things in my app manager were off last night so i ended up downloading certifi gate scanner and it said that my phone is volunerable. sunday i ended up calling samsung because my samsung account was changed and fought with them to get it straighten out and mind youbwhen my phone was first hacked the person ended up taking my service plan and putting it on their own device. i dont have money to fix and or get a new phone and i like this phone alot. does anybody have any advice. im sick and tired of spending so much time on this phone trying to get it up and running. i really dont know what much more to do at this point. they had access to everything of mine i changed passwords for all accounts and phone. i used app detective and it told me what was hacked but it would let me tey and delete it. there isnt any current odd activity going on but it seems like i can only keep this phone working for about a week at most. please anybody have any ideas or advice for me?

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Nov 24, 2016, 5:51:19 AM via App

reset your phone immediately

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Nov 24, 2016, 7:10:00 AM via App

i got quad rooter scanner and i have 2 viruses and their website is telling me to update my os system but the thing is the people that hacked my phone either switched info around because i tried to update it and its saying its up to date

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Nov 24, 2016, 10:09:41 AM via Website

  1. Change password of your WLAN router asap. In addition, you may enable mac filtering.
  2. Do factory resetting for your mobile devices.

Good luck to you.

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Jul 10, 2017, 11:52:29 AM via Website

Lol u have what 3 antivirus packs and 2 malware packs lol no wonder u got hacked u can only have 1 antivirus pack as 2 will stop eachother working and ur saying u got hacked how many times lol don't think so

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