How to Create a Instant Messaging App like Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat?

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Nov 23, 2016, 9:02:39 AM via Website

How to Build/Create an Instant Messaging App, Android, Application, iOS App Like Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messanger, LINE, Kik?


I stumbled upon a pre-loaded chat solution that offers customization provisions as well. Sounded quite good.
Here it is : ( )

Can anyone suggest more readymade chat solutions like this one to make a good comparison of sorts.

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AsiaSinSalfishya Mary

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Aug 4, 2017, 1:54:41 PM via Website

Why not? There is plenty of online readymade solution in the Market. Contus Fly is one of the best chat app solutions provides full customization rather than security, reliability, free source code access and much more. Experience on Contus Fly, make your own app and glow it to fly.

AsiaSinSalfishya Mary

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Sep 14, 2018, 11:49:02 AM via Website

Contus Fly, create a chat application using below technologies

Erlang - programming language
EJabbered - XMPP server
FreeBSD - OS handpicked for everything from desktops to tiny devices.
Yaws - Run as a standalone web server
Lighttpd - Another web server that is highly secure, swift & flexible
PHP - Open-source general-purpose scripting language best fit for web development.
BEAM - BEAM is like Java’s JVM, but for Erlang
Custom XMPP - Send real-time messages, online presence indicators, XML routing features etc..
HTML5 Websockets - Whatsapp web communication
Mnesia DB- quicker request responses
Hosting may be in Softlayer

For More Info :1) How to build app like whatsapp
2) Self-hosted (On-premises) Vs Hosted Chat Application Possibility
3) Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat Tech stack

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AsiaSinSalfishya Mary

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Jan 3, 2019, 1:25:15 PM via Website

Mirrorfly would be great fit for the above query. Inbuilt with multiple technologies and advanced features. The solution comprises with chat API, messaging SDK, voice call & chat API, video API. The highlight of the Mirrorfly is customization, one-time payment, high security. Give a shot to experience a real-time communication.


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Aug 13, 2020, 9:04:24 AM via Website

I have plan to start online enterprise and create some apps. I will apply to software companies sites Fortegrp and they help me to do my startup. My friends also cooperate with that company.

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Sep 21, 2020, 12:28:48 PM via Website

I saw many articles on Google with a ready-made solution, but unfortunately, I lost links to them, but I know that in this article “How Much Does It Cost to Create An App Like WhatsApp In 2019?” on the Cleveroad site there is a good overview of what a WhatsApp consists of, I think it will be useful to you, maybe you can then google it in parts !!


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Sep 22, 2020, 12:50:46 PM via Website

Yes @asiasin .i agreed you points. there are lot providers in the market in two different platform one for SaaS based Instant Messaging provider Another one SaaP based instant messaging application provider.
I would suggest you SaaP Based Instant Messaging solution provider .bcz they offered you

  • 100 %customizable and whitle label solution
  • One time payment
  • Dedicated Developers Team
  • Onpremise /Cloud hosting

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Sep 23, 2020, 11:07:39 AM via Website

There are lot of chat solution providers have in online Now. I have suggest few top solution providers for your reference

  1. MirrorFly
  2. Apphitect
  3. Cometchat

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Oct 28, 2020, 10:28:02 AM via Website

Over the years apps like WhatsApp, We chat, etc. have transformed the way users communicate all across the globe, these apps have practically become our necessity in day to day routine lives.

It is predicted that trillions of these social media apps will be sent in the coming years and hence the market potential is huge for the newcomers as well.

Your endeavor should be to understand the technology and the different building blocks behind these successful chat apps. Let’s find out the way these apps have been constructed:-

  1. WhatsApp: - It uses the XMPP protocol to allow the real-time
    exchange of data, the server-side scripting language is PHP and that
    allows quick action. The webserver is also lightweight to manage the
    large loads while using less memory. It also uses another
    high-performance web server called YAWS that facilitates the
    transfer of dynamic & huge content for the web applications. The
    operating system is FreeBSD and is capable of managing millions of
  2. Viber: - The prominent technology used by Viber is Session
    initiation Protocol so that users can call anywhere through the
    internet telephony. There is a high-performance HTTP server
    implemented to enhance the stability and performance and to make the
    chats secure, Viber uses MongoDB as the primary database.
  3. We Chat: - For the secure encryption of data sent between the WeChat
    servers and the browser, We Chat uses the secure version of HTTPS.
    There is a functional programming language that manages the active
    user base of We Chat and Erlang manages the backend message routing.
    Also to encrypt and decrypt the relayed files, We Chat uses the
    EnMicroMsg and SQLCipher as the primary databases.

Your path to building an app like Viber, Whatsapp or We Chat:-

  • Security:- Since, there is an exchange of data and most of it is
    sensitive and personal, you have to make sure that the security
    standards of your app are extremely high. You should ensure that the
    chat records and the transfer of messages between the servers are
    protected with a robust shield, you should use technologies like AES,
    HMAC, end to end Encryption & HIPAA. Also, the security system should
    be such that it adapts to your app.
  • Framework: - Your endeavor should be to choose the right kind of
    framework like Python, Java, Cocoa, etc. so that you can develop an
    app that works well on all types of platforms like (iOS, Android, and
    Web). You should choose a platform that gets high support from
    different channels and has high Library standards.
  • Protocols: - You should use some independent protocols that allow
    real-time communication and enhance the instant data exchange between
    the servers and the app. You may use anyone out of the following
    protocols: - XMPP, MQTT, COMET, Long Polling, etc.
  • Servers: - To develop a robust app like WhatsApp, Viber, or We Chat,
    you should focus on choosing robust servers to enable group chat and
    seamless one to one communication functionality. The server is
    extremely important because your entire app is dependent on it.
  • Hosting: - Another important factor is hosting and you may get into a
    dilemma whether you should go for a self-hosted service or the hosted
    chat application possibility. You should always go for the
    self-hosted service as it allows the end to end accessibility and
    total control so that you get the complete options to customize the
    features & and chat functionalities.

There it is. Hope these tips will help you to look for the important factors to build an app like WhatsApp, Viber, or We-Chat.

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Dec 2, 2020, 3:58:40 PM via Website

100% agreed your points @Frederick Alliston

Be it any chat app, there should be a protocol that allows users to exchange data between them. These set of rules determine how seamless and low latent the communication between both the parties would be. So what are these protocols?

1. Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol (XMPP)
The basic root protocol of XMPP that dates back to times when ICQ was famous. It got evolved into XMPP that is known for its effective push mechanism. The best part about this protocol is the liberty that it grants for any developer to use the XMPP server. This set of rules uses extremely secure SASL encryption. The drawback of this protocol is the extra labor developers need to put in to ensure message delivery confirmation in the app. Even though it is secure, the complexity of it is way too much - resulting in glitches and delays. Not very ideal!

2. Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT)
Known as the publish-subscribe network protocol, this is an open OASIS and IPO standard lightweight set of rules. It can run on any network protocol which ensures lossless, ordered, bi-directional connections that support MQTT. It also connects with different IoT devices. It gets flake for its complicated process of developing a custom service or plugins that authenticate, authorize, and publishes to queue. It’s architectural and performance complications overarch the good it has to offer.

3. Websockets
Websockets are an amazing protocol solution for messaging app development. They provide a full-duplex connection over a single TCP connection. It has a strong point of bi-directional flows where one does not need to wait for servers to respond. Known as a ‘Handshake’, a connection between a browser/client and server can be established for a lifetime when WebSocket connections are requested by the browsers.

No compromise on Programming Languages
Apart from a flexible protocol, the coding language must also be strong enough to support millions of node interactions. Let’s look at three strong programming languages to create a instant messaging app.

Erlang - It is one of the most functional, dynamic, and concurrent programming languages. It also uses garbage collection while on the run. Choosing Erlang for chat app development would be a tedious process as Erlang programmers are hard to find and they charge pretty heavy as hourly rates.

Golang - This programming language has the foundation of CSP (communicating sequential processes). It has a huge bucket of open-source projects to choose from and famous in the programming community. This language, like Erlang, also uses garbage collection during runtime. It is a simple hustling programming language that compiles into native code quickly. Finding someone who can write this language is not tough.

Kotlin - Currently earning its popularity in the iOS and Android world, this programming language is free and open-source code. It is most famous for the interoperability, tool support, clarity, and safety it offers. It was initially designed for JAVA Virtual Machine and Android