Samsung Galaxy S5 — Samsung S5 Neo Wi-Fi Slider stuck "Turning on..."!

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Oct 26, 2016, 5:51:05 PM via Website

So as stated in the title yesterday after changing from one sim card to another which requires taking the battery out my Wi-Fi will not turn on. It either shows the slider in the on position but not green like it should be, just faded out and the writing beneath says Wi-Fi turning on... or it is set in the OFF position and still says Wi-Fi turning on....

This is incredibly frustrating as i have :
Turning phone on and off (obviously)
Taking the battery out
Turning on without Sim/SD
Turned on with the previous SIM used
Reset Settings
Factory Reset
Rooted Phone
Downloaded Root explorer and tried deleting/renaming /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf.

I have looked everywhere online and tried every solution i can find and NOTHING has helped.

There must be someone out there with the same issue and hopefully a remedy?

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Nov 17, 2016, 8:00:18 PM via Website

Same problem on my s5 neo since I've added a microSD to it.

I've solved in this way:

I've noticed that after the microSD insertion - even when the wi-fi slider was turned off - the phone continued scanning for wi-fi networks and drops them on and off.
So, if You press the setup gear on the slide -> wi-fi -> you'll see the network list updating consantly BUT there's an explaination text beneath the network list with a line that you can press: it gives you the option to let the app switch the wi-fi ON even if you've set it to OFF.
Since I've de-selected this option my phone became working as before.
Singular thing is that it seems that I cannot revert the phone back to this option anymore (I don't either know how and when it was setted ON)

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