Problematic problem with new sd card (instaling apps, vanished apps)

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Oct 4, 2016, 6:09:36 AM via Website

I am using currently Huawei Honor 4X, Android 5.1 Rooted.

The problem is very problematic to me.

To point:
I started today to using new sd card. I had 2 GB SD Card, that was not enough, so I bought SanDisc Ultra 16 GB SD Card. Probably, I was too rush, and I remove old one strict away (the old one apps was saved on older one but I forgot to copy that to new one - but I coped that before - but the old apps didnt show up again).
and I start to using new one. Everything was fine, even after copying old files to new sd card - problem started to kicking my phone when I tried to install app from Google Store. But I cannot even download anything. Error 492. I checked that, and I realized that, my all files are saving on sd card not internal memory. So I change that - and everything was fine. So I thought is the problem with sd card. Also I cannot install apps from downloaded app from the PC.
I tried to format sd card - nothing happen. Scaned SD card with h2testw. No errors.

Need Help!

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