Hide all music album art?

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Sep 10, 2016, 1:35:49 AM via Website

I have searched high and low and found similar solutions, but nothing that fixes my problem.

Awhile back I downloaded a song, but have since deleted it. Now every new song I get, it gives it the album art of that same song over and over. This is killing me and to be honest with so many of my songs having incorrect art I would rather have no art at all.

I have done your basic stuff like deleting all of the art in the folders, but my phone just downloads all the same stuff again over and over. If I leave wifi and data off it will stay removed, but as soon as the phone connects again, its all right back.

I don't have time for a complicated, drawn out process to solving this. If it comes to that I will just get a new phone. There is a reason I left the IT field years ago and that is because I just don't want to deal with it. There has to be a simple solution for such a stupid issue.

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