Android to I2C Control

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Sep 5, 2016, 11:29:28 AM via Website

I have an I2C device that I would like to interface with Android. It seems that the easiest way would be to use a microcontroller compatible with Accessory Development Kit. But these kits and their microcontrollers are huge in size and I am looking for a solution which will work with a micro-USB and will fit in a form factor of 1 x 0.5 x 0.5 inch.

FT311 seems to be another option but it looks like an overkill for my application.

Is there any other option that I can use. I was hoping for something small like TI's MSP430 to work with Android.
Please give your comments below. Thank you very much.

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Oct 25, 2019, 12:31:12 PM via Website

from your article, I know you were hoping for TI's MSP430 to work with android, I can recommend some online shop for you to choose from, such as Jotrin Electronics Limited , Veswin Electronics and censtry .

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