Refuse to be “gossip girl”, you need this!

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Aug 9, 2016, 9:06:42 AM via Website

Of course we don’t mean the girl in American drama, actually if you don’t pay attention to your mobile privacy, it’s easy to become a “gossip girl” in real life!

Have you meet these situations?
Your friend borrows your phone to play games with sensitive photos.
Your workmate gets your phone to look the gallery.
Your boyfriend o girlfriend reads your private data in your apps.


All these terrible situations may make you a “gossip girl”!

Save you from being “gossip girl” right now with this great Applock Aurora!!

Play Store Link:

Now, let me show you how this great Applock Aurora help you to protect your privacy and be a innocent girl!

Firstly, you can choose your favourite way to lock the apps. Pssword o pattern? Both OK!!

Now, the most important part is here! You can lock everything you want!! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Text messages (SMS), gallary are recommended!

In addition to this, I will introduce you more excellete function!

I can’t help showing you a great function which I love most!

Intruder Selfie: this function will help you to catch the curious guys who trys to get in your mobile. Choose to take picture 1-5 times when wrong password entered.

And this picture was taken when I entered the wrong password. Of course I am not the curious guy

This function is really helpful!
Fake Cover: Use fake disguise cover to confuse intruders. Like fingerprint scan which is liking a fingerprint scanner, only you will know how to get the app protected. You can choose different icons to replace the icon of AppLock Aurora which means nobody will take this app seriously and give your phone privacy advanced protection!

This applock is not only useful but also beautiful!
Theme: More well designed theme to choose like animals, scenery, city, love, festival, cartoon, sport, food, etc. You can choose DIY themes to change screen into your lover’s photo or your kids’ picture!


Better Applock Aurora know you better. Customize your applock settings as you like.

  • Choose the password or pattern to lock apps.
  • Hide pattern path and Random keyboard in the settings for more privacy security.
  • Customize incorrect code entered: 1~5 times.
  • Customize lock frequency: always lock/ 5 minutes/ when screen locked...


Download this great Applock Aurora right now! Avoid any unnecessary troubles and refuse to be the “gossip girl”!

Play Store Link:

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Aug 10, 2016, 8:08:20 AM via Website

You will like this applock I promise :)

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Aug 10, 2016, 12:37:44 PM via Website

I do hide my apps first then lock them, more secure, no one will ever ask for password ;)

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Aug 11, 2016, 2:41:02 AM via Website

You're so lucky but my little sister always try to get in my phone :(

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