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Aug 8, 2016, 6:05:55 AM via Website

...pockets of bigwig corporations and out from under the watchful eye of big brother should take prescience over trivial debates over which OS is superior! Until consumers are free to use technology in an unrestricted and unmonitored way, ALL digital products are essentially useless in my opinion. I believe that if people were free to use their devices however they wanted, there would be less desire to rebel in "unnecessary" ways. Yes, I think there should still be some oversight in regards to illegal activities, but only if those activities pose a signifant threat to others or the wellbeing of our country. By controlling the masses like iSheep, you effectively provoke a desire for anarchy, just like a teenager acting out against their parents. Make music downloading free and available but provide a way to ensure royalties are paid to the artists. Unlock the internet! Lift up the veil of smoke and mirrors and let the people see what's really going on! Free the web! Free ourselves!

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