MEASURE RULER APP- Distance, Height and Width

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Aug 1, 2016, 8:11:33 PM via Website

Hi all!

We've developed a MEASURE RULER App to measure distance, height and width of everything you want: a person, a picture, a piece of furniture...

You can find it on Google Play, the icon are three rules (two blue and one orange). There are screenshots and a video there, and the instructions are the ones below. Just if anyone is interested, I've copied the text from Google Play.

Hope it will be useful for you!

You can measure within a room or outdoors taking as reference the floor.
So, just select where is the object (ground, not in the ground), what you want to measure (height, width or distance), and just follow the steps to get all the results.
- Configure your height on the menu (in meters)
- Select WHERE is the object (ground/no ground)
- Select WHAT you want to measure: distance, height or width
- Follow the instructions that appear in the green line at the top of the screen
- Once you've made the first measure (clicking the MEASURE button) it's important not to move the position of the phone, just change the angle
- Try to turn the phone on its axis from bottom to top when you're measuring height
- Try to turn the phone on its axis from left to right when you're measure width