Getting an App removed from Google Play

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Jul 30, 2016, 2:01:56 PM via Website

I paid a company to build both an iOS application, and an Android application of an idea that I pitched to them, gave them designs and functionalities and everything else required. I still have the invoice to prove that I made this payment to them. I also have 100s of emails proving correspondence about the app.

Basically, the company have now ‘dissolved’ (I can also prove this), and so do no longer exist as a company.

Over a year a go, they actually uploaded MY application, to the google play store (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR WITHOUT TELLING ME), under their own developer account. They also never provided me with any access to the account. I actually only found out they did this a few months ago. They have took the app they built for me, and have effectively claimed that it is there app, using my company name! This is however alongside the fact that the app doesn’t let people register, isn’t being updated by anyone and so is actually pointless even being on there.

This is now a massive problem for me. I have my application on iOS and it is available to download on there. I am trying to upload my new app to Google Play, but I obviously can’t because the name is already taken by the dissolved company that I paid to build it. People are also downloading the old app on android thinking its my new one, and are leaving negative feedback because it doesn’t work! This is having a negative effect on my whole brand. There isn’t a way legally I can sort this, as the company are now dissolved.

Unfortunately the issue doesn't fall under copyright, does anyone have any advice as to how to get this app removed by Google Play?

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Jul 31, 2016, 5:18:19 AM via Website

I think you should get contact with developer service of Google Play if you are sure that some app has copyright question.
Good luck to you.

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