Voice app launcher

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Jul 28, 2016, 6:39:01 AM via Website

Voice App Launcher

Is created for mobile control with simple voice commands! easy to open apps!

Voice commands are used for shortcut to your favorite apps, you can also launch google maps, find hotels, find restaurants, find shopping malls, find gas stations, find bars, set alarms!

Voice App Launcher allows you to set your alarm,open camera, open gallery, open directory, just with this simple voice commands.

do not waste your time open apps with simple voice commands, ready to open google maps, open gallery, use this voice recognition software to open your app with shortcuts!

You will not need to look in your menu icons, just open Voice App Launcher, then say a command, voice recognition is one of the last tecnologies availables, so use your voice commands for shortcuts to open your apps, easy for mobile control!

open apps with voice recognition is better than look in to lot of icons!

Voice commands available:

open facebook
open google
open twitter
open netflix
open g mail
open translate
open wikipedia
open amazon
open youtube
open hotmail
open outlook
open yahoo
open blogger
open linkedin
open blogspot
open microsoft
open ebay
open whatsapp
open camera,
open gallery
open spotify
open snapchat
open instagram
open directory
open calendar
set alarm
what’s the weather
open maps
open street view
open navigation
send text message
find restaurants
find hotels
find bars
find gas stations
find museums
find shopping malls

So now, open apps easy, just with this voice reconition SW, that will interpret your voice commands!