Motorola Moto G — Out of memory - Have done all the recommendations, still no memory

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Jul 26, 2016, 1:19:57 PM via Website

I have a Moto G with 8 Gb internal memory running Marshmallow. Currently it shows 264 Meg free out of 4.84 Gb on the internal memory:
All apps have been moved to the SD card wherever possible
All application caches have been cleared down
CCleaner has been run
All media has been moved to the SD card.
Have got rid of all the browser thumbnails
Running file managers etc tell me the space is being used, but the directories they display only add up to approx 600 Meg.
What on earth is taking up over 3 Gb and how do I delete it ?

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Sep 17, 2016, 11:43:23 PM via Website

I have a similar problem. My Moto G phone has 8G and very little memory left with hardly any applications. One app, Google photo, uses 0.91G of space with data using most of it: 898M. Yet, I only have 6 small images. I used to have a few videos but I deleted them to make room on the phone.

I rebooted the phone but the memory did not clear. It is as if the space allocated to old videos was not released. I used file commander but was unable to view anything except the 6 images.

Anyone has ideas?

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Mar 23, 2019, 2:07:37 PM via Website

I have a similar problem - I'd love to download Disk Usage but my full memory won't allow it.