Bad WiFi connectivity after Android 6 update

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Jul 25, 2016, 2:51:01 PM via Website


I've a problem with my LG G3, after doing android 6.0 (official) update, I have big issues with WiFi connectivity.
My phone connects to WiFi, but after a random period (few hours) it doesn't have any connection to internet via WiFi. I mean that I'm still connected to my AP but I've no connection to Internet. It's not an AP problem, because other devices are working great and I have the same problem on other WiFi networks. And before the update I hadn't any problem on the same WiFi networks.
I read on few forum and find a solution that works : reset network configuration (Settings -> Backup and resett -> Network settings reset). After that, I have to reconfigure all my WiFi password and reassociate my bluetooth devices. BUT, the problem just come again after a few hours. It's just turning me crazy to reset my networks settings many times a day just to have a working WiFi for a couple of hours.

Do you please have a solution for me ?


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Dec 27, 2016, 2:53:54 PM via Website

If on your device WiFi connected but not working Internet android phone then try below different methods. I hope any of the below method work for your LG G3 device

Method 1: Remove WiFi password & Restart phone

Method 2: Check Airplane Mode must be off

Method 3: Use static IP instead of DHCP
follow below given steps

Settings > Wi-Fi > Tap on Wi-Fi / network name on your device > Manage Network settings > Tick mark the checkbox of Show advanced options> IP settings > Static > Enter the all detail of network you want use > Save